The Renewable Energy Revolution Has Arrived

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Solar Power-PV is Now Financially Viable, and is Being Adopted World Wide

With over four decades of experience, we at Legacy Renewal Energy want to help you sort through all of the options available to you, and help you select the achievable, optimized solution that makes you, your accountants, and your customers happy.  Solar PV provides peace of mind while reducing your expenses.  You can feel confident and comfortable, knowing that our full knowledge, professional expertise and a 20-year production warranty stand behind your custom-designed, turn-key energy solution installation.  Legacy’s installation warranty and professional service complete the package.

Our Commercial Solutions
• Financial Benefits - Solar with projectable costs is a rapid-return investment, not an expense

• Marketing Value - Makes you part of the green solution

• Proven Technology - Your system is productive, secure, stable & reliable
Our Residential Solutions
• Eliminate Your Power Bill!

• Clean & Green

• Maintenance free

• Independance from power failures

• Increase the value of your home