Legacy Renewable Energy, A Colorado Corporation

Why Legacy?

The directors represent the fifth and sixth generations of our family in Colorado, living, working, and loving this state.  We are the fourth and fifth generations of electricians in Colorado with a legacy of experience and  quality.  

With today's need to move away from carbon-based energy, the future of energy use for your home or business is electricity from renewable sources.  We are versed in the latest technologies to provide that electricity.  Further, we are trained in recommended installation methods and effective use of each technology.

We also are trained and have knowledge of the legal, financial, and civic responsibilities attendant to effective energy use.

Our primary product is a PV solar system.  We are not limited to only that product, through over 30 suppliers we offer every technology available for energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy storage.

Let us begin your Legacy for Renewable Energy!

Solar ExpertChuck Nelson

Solar ExpertNel Nelson